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You've found an environment for your digital photography basics in one place, with free guidance and inspiration on your photographic journey.

As a passionate photographer you'll love using DigitalBasics (and the community built around it) for sharing, learning and inspiration.

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It takes sustained effort to become a good photographer.

Learning the skills and jargon, using the right gear…

But the most important thing you need to work on?

Your mind.

You need to learn to think like a photographer.

My new e-Course tells you how to do exactly that with 10 minutes of motivational reading per day for 10 days.

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The Free Photo Sharing pages have now seen hundreds of photographs uploaded by visitors to this site, a happy addition to the other social hot-beds we all know such as Facebook and Flickr.

Take a look at other visitors' photos, rate and comment on them too, then consider sharing your own!

We'd love to see your work…

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Keep a look out for news on upcoming Free Photography Contests too.

I've run three so far and I'm planning to run the next one soon.

In the meantime, you might like to check out the Winners' Gallery to see the successful entrants so far…


Throughout this site, you'll see that, as well as taking pride in enabling other photographers to share their work, I'm sure you'll benefit from the tutorials and experience I can offer too...

digital photography basics, digital photography tips, facebook covers, free photo sharing

On the left hand side of this page, you'll find all sorts of articles covering the digital photography basics.

Quick links to some of the more recent articles are on the right side too…

how to use photoshop actions

If you're looking for help with colourLightroomPhotoshop or just some straight forward down-to-earth jargon busting, I'm sure you'll find plenty of guidance within these pages.

Hey, perhaps you'll even stumble across my first ever eBook, How To Use Photoshop Actions.

New doors to automated simplicity will open that you never knew existed!

NEW! Make sure you catch my recent article "What is Giclée Printing?" — I reckon there'll be a surprise in store...!


That's it with the introductions for the moment — I really hope you enjoy your visit to my site.

You'll find all sorts of inspiration (not least from other visitors) around these pages, on Twitter and on the DigitalBasics Facebook Page.

I also hope you enjoy this, one of my favourite pieces of visual inspiration, Dark Side of the Lens:

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Digital Photography Courses

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how to use photoshop actions

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